Tipperary Cooperative Creamery Ltd

About Us

Tipperary Cooperative is a dairy processing facility in existence since 1908. The facility processes raw fresh milk into a range of dairy products which include butter, cheese and milk powders.

The primary raw material is collected from local farms and transported to site by road tanker. The whole milk is separated into cream and skim milk, with the cream being processed into butter and the skim milk is evaporated and spray dried to create a skim milk powder.

A number of cheeses are manufactured using whole milk and the whey by-product undergoes further processing to manufacture whey concentrate or whey powder.

Sustainability Commitments

Tipperary Cooperative has a responsibility to conserve the natural resources it uses and to identify opportunities to reduce the inputs we use, reuse where it is technically feasible, recycle when possible. By becoming a better neighbour and a lighthouse in the community, we hope to help our community to become more sustainable.