Cloncannon Biofarm

About Us

At Cloncannon Biofarm, making connections is a very important part of what we do. Connecting with the landscape, geology, cultural history, natural history, farm animals and with oneself. We gain energy, knowledge, joy and inspiration from connecting with the visitors to the Biofarm. These visitors are students, tourists, community groups, scouts and customers for organic produce. The visitors are also the migrant swallows, willow warblers, chiff-chaff, butterflies etc.

As an organic farmer with a Msc in Biodiversity and Conservation (TCD. 2008), I use the diverse habitats and species richness to diversify into environmental education. Cloncannon Biofarm is a Science Foundation Ireland Certified Discover Primary Science Centre. I am a Heritage in Schools Expert and the farm provides an excellent resource for engaging students in outdoor learning about organic food, healthy eating, nature and care of the earth. We deliver the Leaving Cert Ecology Module to Leaving Cert Ag. Science and Biology students and provide an excellent programme for the TY students.

I have a passion for growing organic beef, chickens, pork, bacon, potatoes and vegetables. I enjoy nurturing and feeding the soil and also seeking to learn more about the wonders of the smallest organisms such as the soil microbes and their function in producing food of high nutrient density. I believe this kind of food can bring us to be higher achievers both physically and mentally.

Sustainability Commitments

  • Protecting and enhancing the natural environment.
  • Supporting the Local Economy.
  • Promoting resource efficiency and stimulating a Circular Economy.