The Green Sheep

About Us

The Green Sheep is a shop /café in Thurles. We cook and sell mainly local produce from small producers. Our coffee is fairtrade, organic and roasted in Tipp, our cheeses are produced locally, the majority of our fruit and veg is seasonal and local and our eggs are laid by happy Tipp hens roaming free in green pasture!

Apart from our shop/café we operate a Pop up restaurant and a showcase for local producers. We invite bloggers, vloggers and journos to meet, greet and eat with our producers in a convivial atmosphere, fostering relationships and increasing profiles. Called Tipperary Terroir, this happens quarterly.

Supporting local farmers & food producers

Sustainability Commitments

  • We have a commitment here at the Green Sheep to buy food produced locally, within the shortest possible geographical radius from our shop. We preferentially choose food for resale and ingredients for cooking, based on where they come from and who makes or grows them.
  • We use bio-degradable wrapping and cartons and coffee cups for all to-go sales. We re-cycle cardboard by re-using boxes for hampers and deliveries.
  • We monitor energy and water usage and continually seek improvements to minimise our impact. We compost our organic waste and coffee grinds; we give this to our growers who use it in their allotments.
  • We promote the idea ethically and locally sourced food. We encourage minimisation of packaging waste – we have our own re-usable cup campaign, and subscribe to other similar advocacy groups.