About Us

EaPI supports individuals, businesses and community groups, with a particular focus on developing initiatives in the area of reducing waste and increasing resource efficiency.

We can support your business to: –

  • Reduce energy, water and waste costs, and your environmental impact
  • Achieve a positive cultural change in your business, making it more sustainable.
  • Analyse the use of all resources that impact on the environment, including your waste management.
  • Identify improvement opportunities and select the most cost-effective savings options.
  • Develop your own environmental improvement program, management system.
  • Comply with environmental, and Health & Safety regulations.
  • Prepare for third party audits – Environment, H & S, BRC, etc.
  • Demonstrate continuous Environmental Performance Improvement.

Sustainability Commitments

EaPI regards environmental protection as a key component in the day to day running of business and is therefore committed to and promotes:

  • Consideration of environmental issues in all relevant aspects of our activities
  • Compliance with all relevant environmental legislation
  • Efficient consumption of energy and other resources
  • Provision of appropriate environmental training for personnel
  • Environmental evaluation of all new processes
  • Optimising the reduction, reuse and recycling of resources
  • Composting of organic waste