The Apple Farm

About Us

The Traas family moved from The Netherlands to Ireland in the late 1960’s to grow fruit, and when they did they found it difficult to sell to the markets. So they opened a shop at the farm “The Apple Farm” in the early 1970’s, and to this day it is the same barn that people call to buy the fruits they produce from 40 acres.

60 varieties of apples, four types of strawberries, three raspberry varieties, four of sweet cherry and three types of plum are available in sequence through the year as they ripen. In addition, a range of juices and sparkling juices are also made on the farm, only using fruits grown right there.

Fruits from the farm are also used to make cider as well as cider vinegar, which has a huge following. The latest product, launched in 2018, is a dried apple ring, or “apple crisp” as some people call it. Healthy, tasty and full of fibre. What more would you want.

The Apple Farm was the first fruit farm in Ireland to be Origin Green certified, and as well as embracing both solar PV and solar hot water technologies, significant amounts of CO2 are captured from the atmosphere annually thanks to the action of the apple trees and orchards.