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Established in 2011, Tipperary Green Business Network aims to make businesses more efficient and effective through optimised use of their resources.

Helping Businesses Go Green

Tipperary Green Business Network is a network of businesses that combine to share experience and expertise in resource efficiency. The network is driven by the ethos of people, planet and profit which is central to everything we do. The network comprises a wide variety of businesses that provide goods and services to enhance environmental management. We are advocates of responsible business activity within the community and are committed to building and maintaining strong businesses through innovation and optimum performance.

Our Ethos


Businesses need to recognize the value of people. Treating employees, customers and the wider community in a fair and equitable way leads to a better society for all.


Controlling environmental impacts will ensure businesses can remain sustainable. Focusing on ethical use of resources, other inputs and responsible waste management is a must.


Investing in people and environmental practices can increase profit in a business. By providing a value to people, and the planet, a business can continue to be sustainable.

Our Members work in a variety of Sectors

Food & Agriculture
IT & Consultancy
Waste Prevention
Photography & Crafts
Re-cycling & Up-cycling

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