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Renewable Gas Forum Ireland (RGFI)

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About Us

The Renewable Gas Forum Ireland (RGFI) is an industry forum representing the interests of those involved in the renewable gas supply chain across the island of Ireland, both north and south.
RGFI is committed to influencing, supporting and delivering policies and initiatives that promote the development of the renewable gas industry in Ireland as an economically viable and environmentally sustainable component of the overall energy mix.

RGFI is a not for profit company limited by guarantee.

Membership is open to all parties interested in renewable gas from both the public and private sectors.

RGFI affairs are managed to the highest standards of good governance and integrity, at all times representing the best interests of its membership.

Strategic Objectives
The core objective of RGFI is to bring together industry in the form of producers, consumers and supply chain participants to work together to inform, evaluate and promote policies that support the development of the renewable gas industry in Ireland.

Sustainability Commitments

  • Decarbonising agriculture through on farm AD, GHG emissions mitigation, bio fertiliers, carbon sequestration and production of Biomethane from on farm residues.
  • The production of Biomethane for injection into the gas grid to supply large and small energy users to decarbonise their primary energy and achieve the highest energy efficiencies by using Renewable Natural gas – Biomethane.
  • Develop an indigenous renewable gas industry and developing a circular economy to enhance sustainability and competitiveness.
  • There are opportunities to develop other renewable gases such as renewable CO2.