North Tipperary Local Authorities’ Achievements in Energy Efficiency to be Featured on Eco Eye

Eco Eye, the popular environmental TV series, (RTE 1, Tuesdays, 7pm) will broadcast an exclusive ‘State of Sustainability in the Public Sector’ on Tuesday 18th February.  The programme will focus on the achievements in energy efficiency in North Tipperary Local Authorities.  The programme will also showcase the Local Authorities’ commitment to the reduction of energy usage within all areas of their activities.


Pictured above are some members of the North Tipperary County Local Authorities’ Energy Management Team.  Left to right:  Eddie Ryan, Fire Services, Brian Dunne, Facilities Manager, Jim McGuire, Senior Engineer, Water Services

North Tipperary Local Authorities have a strong tradition in energy and environmental management and are currently ranked 1st out of all 31 Local Authorities with regard to energy efficiency and 6th out of all Public Bodies.  Leading by example, North Tipperary Local Authorities have introduced a number of energy saving initiatives into their day to day operations.

Since 2007 approximately 50 energy reduction projects have been completed including:

  • Staff carrying out simple tasks such as turning off power and electrical appliances when not in use
  • Energy upgrades in approximately half of all social housing units
  • improved energy efficiency of the majority of Council buildings by installing insulation heating controls and low energy lighting
  • Installation of large pumps in all water treatment plants to increase efficiency
  • Switching the majority of energy usage from oil to wood heating, including all Council owned leisure centres

To date, lower cost improvements have been prioritised.  The focus now will be directed towards projects that involve a longer payback period.  North Tipperary Local Authorities and the general public has benefitted significantly from these energy efficiency activities:

  • North Tipperary County Council has improved energy efficiency by almost a third since 2009
  • A saving of approximately €750,000 of public money year on year
  • Money saved is directly invested into public services in North Tipperary
  • North Tipperary County Council is making a positive contribution to climate change

North Tipperary Local Authorities expect to reach the 2020 energy efficiency target of 33% shortly, almost 7 years ahead of schedule.

The key to making such significant progress towards the targets has been:

  • Commitment from the workforce to ensure reduced energy consumption
  • A dedicated and forward thinking management team
  • The work of Tipperary Energy Agency; who are contracted to provide technical assistance

Michael Woulfe, Energy Management Team Manager, North Tipperary Local Authorities stated ‘We are very pleased with progress to-date and being ranked as the number one local authority for energy efficiency is a significant achievement.  This is testament to all the hard work by our energy team and the staff of North Tipperary Local Authorities. 

Update taken from Tipperary Energy Agency Website


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