Green your workplace and cut costs!

Think of the impact that your office may be having on the Environment. How much Greenhouse gas is released, how much water is used and how much waste is produced directly and indirectly as a result of your office activities ?

The average office employee produces 2 tonnes of CO2, uses 12,500 litres of water and produces 250 kg of waste every year.
Over a million employees have an office space in Ireland. So our collective environmental impact is huge.

All employees can reduce their environmental impact, at this critical time of global warming simply by changing behaviour. Green Business is attempting to assist in this behavioural change by providing businesses and employees with 50 simple “Green Office Tips”  These Tips are presented on a wall chart, which any office can simply print on their A3 colour printer. These Tips aim to encourage employees and their employers to reduce their waste production energy consumption and water consumption. It is estimated that businesses can reduce their energy consumption by 10% by introducing effective behavioural change.
To download “Green Office Tips Wall Chart”, click here.

These tips are also available individually, should you wish to wish to start a behavioural change campaign.  For more information on Green Business Office Tips email;

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