Green Business launches new website

Welcome to the new website which was launched earlier this week at AIB Headquarters in Dublin. See photo of the launch below.

From left: Eileen Duggan, Manager Office Services, RTE, Karen Coyle, Energy and Environmental Manager, AIB, Anne Murphy, Green Business Executive, IBEC, James Hogan, Programme Manager, Green Business Programme, Keiron Phillips, Programme Manager, EPA, Michael Lennon, President of the IHF

Funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the National Waste Prevention Programme, Green Business works closely with organisations to create a tailor-made action plan that guides them through the process of making substantive resource efficiency improvements and cost savings, through waste prevention and reductions in water and energy consumption. Use the TREE tool to assess the resource efficiency of your business, or contact us today.

Among the organisations that have worked with Green Business are AIB and RTÉ who have both adopted initiatives to eliminate the use of single use coffee cups and single use plastic items and encourage staff members to consider more sustainable options.

RTÉ’s approach to waste management earned them “Overall Winner” of the Pakman Awards in 2017.

RTÉ’s partnership with Green Business over many years, along with a commitment to becoming a sustainable organisation, has seen RTÉ receive widespread industry recognition” said Eileen Duggan, from RTE

Michael Lennon, President of the IHF, who was present at the launch of the new Green Business website said

“I will be encouraging all IHF members to avail of the free supports available of the Green Business website, especially the on line tool for SME Efficiency And Cost Reduction Questionnaire, which offers business a quick assessment of their resource efficiency.” 

See full press release here.

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