February Business Profile of the Month – Cloncannon Biofarm

Sean O' Farrell of Cloncannon Biofarm
Sean O’ Farrell of Cloncannon Biofarm


Cloncannon Biofarm is located on the beautiful western slopes of the Devils’ Bit mountains in Tipperary. We are firmly committed to the principles of organic food production and we strive to enhance the natural habitats on the farm. We keep bees, organic free range chickens, organic beef, vegetables and soft fruits. We share our knowledge and always welcome the suggestions and experiences of the visitors. Visits are by ‘appointment only’ and we specialise in catering for groups.

At Cloncannon Biofarm, we have a strong focus on Education.

Secondary school students can investigate habitat characteristics and species strategies for survival. They can engage in activities relating to their ecology studies such as plant and animal species identification, quadrant studies and percentage occupancy/cover. They can learn about ecosystem services, sustainable development/global issues and care of the earth.

Transition year students will be challenged to think critically about how humans use the earth resources. They will debate their own potential impacts and work in teams to formulate better solutions to be communicated to others.




Co. Tipperary





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