Circular Ocean invites entries to its 2018 Innovation Competition

It is estimated that up to 8 million tonnes of plastic enters the sea each year, causing serious damage to our ocean environment and marine ecosystems.

Experts believe that lost and discarded fishing-related gear is the most treacherous form of marine plastic, persisting in the marine environment for hundreds of years, continuing to catch fish and causing entanglement of marine wildlife, including birds and mammals. Circular Ocean project uses the term FNRCs to describe discarded, used and/or waste fishing nets, ropes and components.

The Circular Ocean Innovation Competition 2018 will help address this problem, by seeking the submission of new product concepts that utilise plastics from discarded and used fishing nets, ropes and components (FNRCs). The Competition will also look to attract new ideas that enable a circular value chain related to FNRCs through innovative material processing, technology, local machinery, systems, business models – or completely different solutions that enable the collection, reusing and recycling of discarded and used FNRCs.


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