Carbery makes good on its Green 50 pledge

Last year Carbery Food Ingredients assigned itself a target of diverting 15% less waste to landfill compared to 2015 levels. The pledge was made as part of the Green 50 initiative, which is supported by the EPA. Green 50 is a not-for-profit initiative whose mission is to raise money for charities through the promotion of green practices and how savings can be made through resource efficiency. Carbery staff selected the ‘Jeep for Jason’ West Cork Rapid Response as their chosen charity.

Thanks to an excellent effort by all staff at the Ballineen site, Carbery exceeded the goal of 15% landfill reduction, achieving an actual waste diversion figure from landfill of 19.3% which equates to a total weight reduction of 22.5 metric tonnes. As part of their Green 50 pledge Carbery donated a €2,000 cheque from their waste savings to the ‘Jeep for Jason’ West Cork Rapid Response charity. In doing so Carbery also became the first company in Ireland to fulfill its Green 50 pledge.

Carbery staff donating their €2,000 cheque to Dr. Jason van der Velde from West Cork Rapid Response

More information on Green 50

Green 50 is a charity initiative aimed at raising vital funds for those in need through improved business efficiency and Corporate Social Responsibility.

The not-for-profit initiative is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is aimed at helping businesses to save money and the environment, while redirecting a percentage (hopefully 50%) of its savings achieved over a period of time to those in need.

Businesses that sign up to Green 50 will be supported by expert consultants from Green Business Programme who will provide advice on waste management and energy inefficiencies and practices that can be implemented to cut costs and unnecessary wastage.

James Hogan, Green 50 programme manager said he hopes that businesses and employees will get on board the green revolution: “In today’s world businesses need to embrace sustainability or go out of business.  A sustainable business must remain profitable while at the same time conserve the planet’s resources and remain loyal to its customers, workers and community. The Green 50 is a vehicle which allows business to publicise their sustainability credentials.”

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