About Us

About Us

Who are we?

The Tipperary Green Business Network is a network of businesses that combine to share experience and expertise in resource efficiency. The network is driven by the ethos of people, planet and profit which is central to everything that we do. The network comprises a wide variety of businesses that provide goods and services to enhance environmental management. We are advocates of responsible business activity within the community. The network is also committed to building and maintaining strong businesses through innovation and optimum performance.

What do we do?

The network offers members the opportunity to connect with businesses that complement and support each other. There is a strong emphasis on making businesses more resilient through optimised use of their resources. We showcase both emerging and established technology which has clearly demonstrated benefit to organisations in the Tipperary region.

How do we do it?

We do this through a combination of training, workshops and seminars. The network assists businesses to harness their potential by developing their people, processes and products.

Why do we do it?

The network was developed to improve resource efficiency, increase competitiveness and drive performance of all member businesses. We want to establish a business community with the desire to continuously improve while operating with minimal impact on the environment.

Meet the team

Barry O'Donovan

Barry is resource efficiency manager with ABP Food Group. Based in ABP Cahir, Barry is part of the environmental department that oversees the environmental performance of the entire company.

He communicates with all levels of personnel on a number of environmental and sustainability initiatives. Resource efficiency is at the forefront of Barry’s work and this involves water usage, fossil fuel consumption, waste management, renewable energy, biodiversity, supply chain sustainability, corporate social responsibility, positive behavioural change and communication campaigns.

Margaret Murphy

Margaret is Resource Efficiency Officer with the Southern Region Waste Management Office. The office is funded by the ten local authorities in the region and promotes waste prevention as a priority.

Margaret’s qualifications include an M.Sc. in Environmental Protection. Previously from an industrial background, her work with businesses in the Southern Waste Region involves promoting the benefits – including cost savings –  that can be achieved by reducing waste, energy and water.

Dave Corboy

Based in North Tipperary, Dave Corboy runs his own business, Revived & Retro. He designs & creates unique furnishings by repurposing and upcycling previously used materials. Dave accepts commissions, and also runs workshops educating schools, businesses and community groups on the benefits of reuse & upcycling.

Dave is also currently a member of the VOICE Recycling Ambassador Programme, helping the public understand correct use of their household recycling bin.